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The first Monday of May is in just a few days, so we've been pretty busy looking back at some highlights from the Met Gala.But there's a question that's been on our minds about the annual spectacle since January: Will the Trump family attend this year?let us know that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are "too busy" to make it, which (we guess) makes sense, and the President and FLOTUS will not be going either.So, we're looking back at all of their red carpet appearances of Met Gala's past.In an interesting factoid, the Civil War-era mansion was moved to this site, atop a bluff, in 1990 and retains much of the historic detail one would expect from an old home.Growing up blonde and porcelain-skinned, Blaine Trump was an American ideal—but she stuck out like a tall poppy in Yokohama, Japan, where her father, Joe, worked as an executive with IBM World Trade in the late 1960s. “I used to pray I would wake up two inches shorter.

Toward the end of the night, he asked me to co-chair the Lenox Hill benefit with him. I'm going to miss those calls.'' What came out of their talks was a decision that the party should attract younger people (Mrs.Taking the commuter train to school, Blaine, who reached her full height of 5’9″ by age 12, would “hear people say, ‘Look at her eyes. And once I had my hair dyed black so I would fit in.I walked in the door, and my mother started crying.” These days, Trump, 41, conforms to the standards of New York City society.But all that most people know about her is that she's called Blaine Trump and she's married to Donald Trump's younger brother, Robert. That's how her husband of three years likes it, too. Blaine Trump is upset by those rumors, maintaining that the family is close. She was a typical Southern girl, having grown up in South Carolina, Florida and Alabama.She and Ivana have been observed laughing over lunch at Le Cirque, and the two couples are often together at social functions. Trump's desire to keep a low profile stems in part from spending her adolescence in Japan, where her father worked for I. But in Japan, where she lived from the age of 10 attending Sacred Heart school, her blondness and height made her a curiosity.