Hayward dating

Ed's wife, Nadine then yelled at him to hang her drapes and Donna left.

She was brought in for questioning before Sheriff Harry S.

Donna went to speak to her and they talked about Laura as well as Audrey's apparent crush on Agent Cooper.

She also revealed her current feelings, including her budding romance with James.

Despite his anger, Laura managed to brighten his mood and she left with Donna.

Donna told Laura that she was afraid that she did not always want to be around her because of her being uptight, but wished she was not.

Suspecting the worst, she said Laura's name and began crying.

Later, Donna went to James' uncle, "Big" Ed Hurley's gas station and went to him. She asked if he had seen James and Ed gave her a message he had left for her, saying to meet him at the Roadhouse after .