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But this anti-pigment dermatological treatment delivers a potent shot of skin repairing ingredients that work to undo cell damage.

It's fast and penetrates deep into the skin layers, so you see results quickly – Eucerin also have moisturisers in the same range if you want to speed up the process further. Wild About Beauty Rose Water Illuminating Serum: £22 for 30ml, Boost radiance and restore lustre with an anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, skin-enhancing serum.

The autumn/winter 2014 runways were packed with models looking polished and perfect, but seemingly unmade-up – there was simple glossy radiance. Which is why we've sourced and tested the best brighteners on the block for creating a more even tone and reducing redness and pigmentation.

From Bobbi Brown's Extra Bright discolouration-reducing Advanced Serum, to Olay's revitalising, light-reflecting pick-me-up for lacklustre skin, there's a brightener to suit your beauty budget. Elemis Pro Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm: £33 for 50ml, uk Another multi-award-winning moisturiser from the Elemis stable, this is packed with hardworking ingredients including moisturising, anti-ageing purple orchid and anti-oxidant acai. Olay Essentials Glow Perfectors Multi-Radiance: £7.65 for 75ml, The science behind this serum is seriously hi-tech and innovative - there's nothing else like it yet.

I used it for about three weeks and fine lines and creases around my eyelids definitely looked smoothed out. Simple Kind to Skin Illuminating Radiance Cream: £8.60 for 50ml, uk Another great high-street priced offering from Simple that's packed with multi-vitamins, light reflecting minerals and skin loving sweet almond and sunflower seed oils.

It's a lightweight moisturiser perfect for days when your complexion just needs a bit of a boost.

Not only can the serum repair damage you can see, but it also works on damage you can't see. Bobbi Brown Extra Bright Advanced Serum: £63.50 for 30ml, Around two weeks after using this every day, I noticed several darker patches of skin had lightened considerably.

Packed with light-reflecting particles this floral scented luminiser will brighten even the dullest complexions. Dermalogica Pure Light SPF 30: £41.41 for 50ml, uk The powerful cocktail of skin-brightening ingredients – peptides, minerals and botanicals - in this medium-weight moisturiser dramatically improves skin tone and luminosity, and reduces hyper-pigmentation like age spots or redness.

It feels ultra hydrating too, so you can apply on top of moisturiser if your skin is dry, but can easily be worn alone if you don't need an extra moisture boost. It also protects the skin against further pigment-inducing UV light. Buy now Verdict All 11 produced visible results in skin tone, texture and that well-known dermatological term glowy-ness!

Second, if you know what kinds of things cause you to get yeast infections, you can be alert for symptoms and treat them early on with the generally-milder do-it-yourself remedies, rather than bombarding your body with drugs.

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