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Edward had no real responsibilities, as far as he could see, and two women who doted on him.

Wallis Simpson met Thelma Furness through her friendship with Thelma's sister Consuelo, and in January 1931 Consuelo invited Wallis and Ernest Simpson to the Furnesses' home for a fox-hunting weekend. According to Sebba's book, Edward struck up a conversation about central heating in British country homes and some remembered Wallis basically calling him out for being boring.

While still recovering from the surgery, she boarded a train to take her back to Washington, D. Spencer met her in Chicago and dropped her off with her mother, by then married to her third husband, in D. Wallis and Spencer divorced in 1927, but while she was waiting for that to be finalized, she found out her uncle Sol Warfield had died—and, upset that she was getting divorced, had left her only ,000.

A paltry sum, compared to the million she thought she was going to inherit.

Alan "Tommy" Lascelles, his assistant private secretary, was so outraged by the prince's behavior, he resigned when they did return to England.

Biographer Hector Bolitho wrote of Edward that he "was almost stubborn in his habit of turning his back upon the conventions of polite society." Instead, the prince enjoyed all things modern and American, telling Freda that "Princing" was easier abroad.

I think men were more generous and complimentary than women."Among her rumored extramarital paramours were Argentine diplomat Felipe de Espil and Count Galeazzo Ciano, an Italian aristocrat seven years her junior, whom she met in China while her husband was stationed there.

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Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David wasn't considered much of an intellectual, nor, at 5'7", did he cut a powerful figure, but he was said to be quick-witted and free-spirited (a distant, antagonistic relationship with his father may have contributed to that).

Her father, Teackle Wallis Warfield, son of a flour merchant who was known as "one of the most popular citizens of Baltimore, died that November of tuberculosis, after which the child and her mother, Alice Montague, moved in with a widowed aunt. 8, 1916, but his military duty ensured that they spent a lot of time apart.

Montague married her second husband, John Freeman Rasin, in 1908—and at some point in her youth, Wallis dropped the "Bessie."Solomon Warfield, an uncle on her father's side, financed Wallis' education at Oldfields, a Maryland finishing school, but—according to Anne Sebba's It was in Pensacola, Fla., that she met Navy pilot Earl Winfield Spencer Jr. Wallis, who was never considered a great beauty but who by all accounts had charm to spare, hypnotic eyes and a fiery magnetism that proved irresistible to men from all walks of life, reportedly kept busy while her husband was away."Mrs.

Spencer was infamous for arousing bouts of passion among adoring males," a friend, Diana Angulo, said about Wallis, according to Sebba.

"Through the years I think men found her witty, and that special ability of giving them her full attention, quite an art!