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The detailed story of ALL Canadian Airborne Qualification Badges in the book from 1942 to 2012 will not be included here .Gents, I recently saw a SEAL sporting the Army Jump Master Wings device in Chokers.I noted this interesting sealed sample with tag from the Inspector General, Inspection Board of the UK and Canada being used for comparison in an e-bay auction.The owner has graciously given permission for me to use this on my site.The maker of the sealed samples did not always remain the manufacturing company or the sole manufacturing company. We know that private manufacturers also made them outside of the Ordnance system. This has to be post 1943 hence the Canadian Parachute Corps pin. appears to be from CH of Ottawa (MG) but unknown) before leaving Fort Benning, Georgia. This badge represented one of the unknowns in my recent book on the Canadian Parachute Badge.In this case we have a Type 1 badge likely part of an earlier issue (possibly late 1942/early 1943) being used to illustrate a change in September 1943 regarding how the green melton background material is to be trimmed in future orders. However the position, design and size has me scratching my head. Note Hyndman wears his US wing while Brebner wears the newly issued Type 1 Badge. In the past I thought that I had seen WW 2 images of paratroopers that could be wearing this badge however the clarity and warping of the badge on the uniform made it difficult to positively ID.After a contract is tendered by Ordnance for a small supply of sample badges, these sealed samples are sent to the Inspection Board in order for them, as well as various other military offices involved with procurement and issuance, to check the actual item manufactured for inconsistencies against the drawings and final correspondence on the matter. Grant of Toronto manufactured the Canadian Parachute Badge. A Member of the Vandoo's wearing his Vandoo titles, 1st Division patches and 8th Army patch on left epaulette however under the 1st Div patches on his right sleeve he wears a British Parachute Badge, AIRBORNE designation strip with a British Parachute Regiment cap badge over his left breast pocket flap???? This was taken on this mans return home from England in 1945.Once a sample is accepted, other identical samples are kept by Ordnance for their records and for forwarding to companies selected to manufacture the item. It is likely that others in other cities manufactured them as well under Ordnance. Left - 1CPB MO's Hyndman, Brebner and RCAPC Munro (Other Lt. Note thin feathering detail in comparison to Type 7.

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