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I would like to smugly point out I suggested the possibility of this engine's debut in a previous article. The last time a new Big Twin was offered, Bill Clinton was still living in the White House.

H-D's press release states that the bikes “feature a precision cooling strategy based on the specific demands of the motorcycle model.” Let me interpret that for you: “We used liquid cooling if we had places to hide the radiators.

They were able to make a bike that has a single cam once again. Tradition is great, but it doesn’t sell motorcycles.

This engine looks like a step in the right direction.

Unless you were told, you’d have no idea the bike is built on an engine that breathes through ride-by-wire technology, that has liquid cooling and emissions-scrubbing catalysts, or was fitted with a fully modern Bosch ABS with electronic proportioning.

While we were all staring at the chrome and visible amenities, Harley has been quietly adding technology to help the powertrains run better and, crucially, meet worldwide emissions standards.