Updating squeezebox firmware

The RFXCOM binding currently supports the following packet types: The RFXtrx433 device is a very versatile transceiver that can send and receive information to and from a wide number of compatible devices from different brands and manufacturers.

Supports RF 433 Mhz protocols like: Home Easy, Cresta, X10, La Crosse, OWL, Co Co (Klik Aan Klik Uit), PT2262, Oregon e.o. following 433.92MHz sensors: See RFXtrx User Guide for the complete list of supported sensors and devices firmware update announcements.

Deep Color (which ought to be called "greater than 8-bit color") provides a finer gradation of shades between the colors encoded on the disc.

Changing output resolution during playback seems to work fine.

Yes, both the AVCHD and HDMV versions of the AVS HD 709 calibration disc work on this player when burned onto DVD.

If you want to add cheap 433 MHz devices like PT2622 remotes, contacts, sensors or wireless outlets and don’t know the correct values, you can start open HAB in debug mode, press the buttons on the original remote or act on the sensor.

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