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I also did that putting my ipod in save mode but still my computer or itunes doenst recognizes my ipod ...... i also tried another computer and a different cable but noting ..... I have tried every one of your steps, but the problem is that when I look for the "Apple" file in program files, it isn't there.

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The solution is to locate the files for your songs first, and then either re-import them into i Tunes or re-link them in i Tunes.GO TO DEVICE MANAGEMENT WHILST YOUR IPOD IS CONNECTED, DISABLE IPOD USB CONNECTION. My new Windows 7 computer was recognizing my ipod touch as a camera and it wasn't showing up in itunes. cheers Big Thurl I have tried everything suggested on here -- nothing works. Thank you very much David your solution solved my problem which was a duplicate of yours.AFTER THIS, GO TO ADD HARDWARE AND FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. when ever I plug my ipod in it says when itunes comes up it says "an ipod has been detected but it could not be identified properly, please disconnect and try again" I would keep trying and it wont work, I reset it and it still wont work , I downloaded the new itunes and it still wont work!!! The same thing happens to me and I am getting ticked. Ipod classic charges but doesn't exist on my computer. Did an uninstall and reinstall of the latest itunes and still nothing. Finally after searching forum after forum I found the solution below and it has worked. 1 connect your ipod and open itunes 2 open the device manager 3 look for the portable devices and find the apple ipod or wherever that is listed on your pc. David -- when I did what you suggested, when I got to the drivers folder there wasn't anything in it. The cause of mine was upgrading to Windows 7 without deauthorizing i Tunes and then removing its software from my computer before hand. I was getting ready to beat down my computer because I was soo completely done and very frustrated!!!I tested it again and discovered that when I attached it, I couldn't hook it up completely to where it snapped into place or the i Pod would just charge and not get recognized or sync. Unfortunately, I took the advice of others and uninstalled a USB port..I can't reinstall the main one. It says something about the apple application support and about the ituneshelper.That's a whole other list of issues for another day. i went to an apple store and they said it is cause I installed the latest version of itunes. Still an i Pod fan Hi, I have done what you have suggested, and it then says that the best software for the device is already installed, but itunes still won't recognise it.